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With the Census Web Services Working Group (CWSWG) nearing a year since the first informal gathering of members, some considerable research and development into new and evolving web initiatives has been carried out by all members.

Some of this development focuses on manipulation of 2001 Census data in cubes, some on use of existing data feeds, and some on development of data feeds for use with 2011 Census data.

Videos and downloadable presentations which demonstrate some of the research are now available:

  • The ONS demonstrates a possible way to drill down through a data cube using an SDMX based prototype
  • SASPAC show what can be done using the existing NeSS Data Exchange (soon to incorporate SDMX output)
  • The CASA team at UCL illustrate potential mash ups using Census data, schools data, and maps

The CWSWG will be working to draw together this research, and that of others, as the group progresses and ONS builds an open Application Programming Interface (API) upon which to assemble a range of applications and user interfaces.

Video demonstrations, can be accessed in the CWSWG video vault - go there and follow the instructions to download or view.

If you are working or planning to work with this sort of development, and wish to contribute demo applications or videos to the site, please use the comments below to leave details, or contact us with the information.

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