Term of Reference - Draft (for comment and discussion)

1 Title
2011 Census Web Services Working Group (CWSWG)

2 Formation date
March 2009

3 Purpose
The CWSWG is a sub group of the 2011 UK Census Output Working Group (UKCOWG). For the purposes of this group, Census Web Services are current or future services offered by any organisation that proposes to distribute via the internet, or provide ancillary web based support to, 2011 Census data. The purpose of the sub group is to share experience and skills, and enable the development of potential technical solutions relating to the delivery of Census data via the internet. This may involve the attendance of colleagues with specialist skills as well as various experts in the field.

4 Scope
The sub group is a non decision making body. It provides detailed and technical advice on aspects of web delivery relating to the 2011 Census Output Project, including but not exclusively:

  • The output strategy for web delivery of the 2011 Census Outputs
  • User requirements for web services delivering 2011 Census output products (statistical data and metadata)
  • Management of disclosure control by web services
  • Management of Census geography within web services
  • Delivery of data from data cubes
  • Output formats
  • Delivery of Metadata
  • Delivery of 2001 Census data in a manner consistent with and comparable to 2011 data
  • Comparisons of 2001 and 2011 data

The sub group addresses matters raised by the UK Census Authorities identified as requiring user consultation, and is notified of these in advance where possible.

The sub group also addresses issues raised at UKCOWG, Census Advisory Groups (CAGs), and at regular meetings with user organisations and the various commercial groups and associations.

The sub group addresses matters raised via the outputs consultation website.

The sub group also acts as an educational body by informing inexperienced and inexpert users, in particular using the outputs consultation website as a mechanism to improve understanding of Census outputs across the user community.

The CWSWG will not address

  • The production of Census data
  • The production of metadata
  • The distribution of microdata
  • Licencing policies

5 Reporting
The Census Web Services Working Group is a sub group of the 2011 UKCOWG. This in turn, is managed within the 2011 UK Census Output Project that is governed by the Census Downstream Processing and Outputs Project Board in ONS, the Census Programme Board in GROS and the Census Operations Board in NISRA. Matters arising from the sub group are reported to these boards.

Members of the CWSWG are expected to report to line managers, and more widely as appropriate, within their own organisations.

6 Interfaces
Matters arising and the views of the CWSWG are communicated to the 2011 UKCOWG, ESRC Data Feeds Network (DFN), Census Advisory Groups (CAGs), UK Census Design and Methodology Advisory Committee, and appropriate Information Management and web services management boards in ONS, GROS, and NISRA.

7 Publications and papers
Agendas, minutes and papers presented to the group will be published on the CWSWG website. Publication of any material from any meeting will be subject to the agreement of all parties.

8 Representation
See the CWSWG members an contacts tabs on the website homepage for details of group members and email information.

Members of CWSWG are expected to attend all meetings, and to ensure that where this is not possible a suitable delegate attends instead.

Members are requested to conform to contemporary meeting conventions, such as to show respect for others views and offer constructive criticism.

Members of the Group may be asked to lead specific research and development and report to the Group as necessary.

9 Frequency of meetings
Meetings are quarterly, and usually at ONS Titchfield.

Frequency of meetings will be reviewed annually.

10 Secretarial support
The ONS Census Outputs Technical Manager and the designated admin support, provide secretariat support for the meetings, including:

  • Organising meeting dates and venue
  • Coordinating the meeting agenda
  • Chairing the meeting if necessary
  • Minute taking

11 Agenda
At least two weeks prior to the meeting a draft agenda will be published on the CWSWG website.

Members of the CWSWG can respond to the draft agenda as page comments to request the inclusion of additional agenda items, either within two working days of the draft agenda being published or at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

12 Review
Terms of Reference to be reviewed annually

13 Standing agenda
Venue, Date and Time.

1. Minutes of previous meeting
2. Actions arising
3. Reports from Census Offices Web Services
4. Reports from Other Web Services
5. Workshop topic
6. Summary from Chair
7. Next meeting

14 Minutes
Draft Minutes and Action Points will be published on the CWSWG website within two weeks of the meeting.

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