Report a problem

We are always happy to receive feedback about ways to improve the site, either directly through email, or by adding comments to specific pages, or in the forum.

We also encourage you to improve the site by reporting any problems with the site or with specific pages. You can do this by posting the details of any issue in the 'Report a problem' section of the forum.

Before reporting a problem please consider the following

  • if you disagree with the authenticity or validity of the content on a page, then please do not report this as a problem. Instead we encourage you to embrace the wiki principle and either edit the content concerned and contribute to improving the validity, or use the comments tool at the bottom of the page to state the issue and begin a constructive dialogue with other users to improve it. If you feel that specific content is offensive in some way, then we strongly encourage you to report this as a problem using the means described above.
  • if you click on a link and see a page with a message stating that the page does not yet exist, but inviting you to create a new page (such as here then please do not report this as a technical problem. There will be instances like this on occassion throughout the site, where a user has created a link to a new page but left the page unauthored. If you can, we encourage you to click on the create new page link, and contribute to authoring content for that page. If not, then you may wish to start a new thread in the forum with a link to the page, asking if other users want to contribute to authoring it. You can do that in the forum in the 'New pages needed' category.
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