CWSWG Members
Name Organisation Email contact
Chris Ashford (ONS, 2011 Census Outputs) (Chair) ku.vog.sno|drofhsa.sirhc#ku.vog.sno|drofhsa.sirhc
Callum Foster (ONS, Web Development Programme) -
Paul Richards (ONS, IM) -
Richard M Smith (ONS, Web Development Programme) -
Gee-Mei Redgwell (ONS, Geography) -
Steven Alder (ONS, Web Development Programme) -
Andrew Sansom (ONS, NeSS) -
Ed turnbull (GROS) -
Rob Collins (GROS) -
Cathryn Mcburney (NISRA) -
Justin Hayes CAIRD -
Rob Dymond-Green CAIRD -
Alan Lewis SASPAC -
Sinclair Sutherland NOMIS -
Mark Ireland NOMIS -
Oliver Duke-Williams DFN -
James Crone EDINA -
Bill Oates Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) -
Darcy Harmer-Manning OS Openspace -
Brendan Davis (ONS, 2011 Census Outputs) (Administrator) ku.vog.sno|stuptuo.susnec#ku.vog.sno|stuptuo.susnec
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