How to navigate

Any text used on pages throughout this site that appears in this colour is a live link. When you click on one of these you will jump to another page.

Tabbed menus
You can navigate your way between pages in the site using navigation menus and summary links boxes that appear in tabbed navigation menus. These are usually placed as

  • a left hand column - this is the primary navigation that lets you move between the main sections of the site, for example the Blog, the Wiki, and the Forum. It also contains the master site-wide tag cloud
  • a right hand column - these are the main navigation used to move between pages within a section of the site, say for example navigating between different sub-sections or pages of the wiki
  • in the main centre section of pages - these are less common, and offer options to navigate special sections using index style links lists, such as in the the glossary

Tabbed menus often contain two layers. If you click on a tab title to focus on that tab, the menu will switch to display the links or information in that tab.

Tag clouds
Some tabs include tag clouds. These offer an alternate way to find all pages that have been 'tagged' with specific keywords. Sometimes a tag cloud can include a collection of the top tags used to describe pages throughout thee whole site, or in other cases they may be selective and include only tags associated with pages in specific sections, such as the blog or the wiki.

Some tabs include lists of links to other pages that form summaries of the most recently created, or most recently edited, or highest rated pages. As with tag clouds, these summaries can sometimes include pages from throughout the whole site, or just for specific sections such as the blog or wiki.

Breadcrumb trails
Every page in the site contains a breadcrumb trail of links that is located directly beneath the page title, for example

Home > Section > Sub-section > Page

These show how the current page is related to it's so called parent page or section in a hierarchical structure. You can use the links to quickly move between section, sub-section, and page levels.

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