In this part of the site you can find information divided into two main sections - one to help with joining the site and with viewing and finding your way around the site, and the other to help with editing and contributing to site content. You can browse through these using the link menus in the 'help' and 'editing pages' tabs in the right hand menu.

The 'help' section contains details about how to join the site, some general site help, some guidelines to help you get the best from viewing and navigating the site, and contact details you can use to reach us to ask for further help.

Editing pages
This section opens with a description of the different page components and how they can group to build a page. You can find details about page categories and how pages are arranged and assigned to them, and more in depth detail describing individual page elements, in What are...?.

Help with how to edit pages and contribute to the site is in How to...?, where you can find basic information about adding comments and tags to existing pages, about how to edit main page content or add file attachments, and how to create new pages in different sections of the site.

You can then find more detailed help about editing, creating and controlling the look and function of specific page content elements in the Wiki syntax.

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