What makes up a page?

All pages in this site are based on templates. When pages are edited or created, the content entered flows seamlessly into a template which operates in the background.

When displayed, most pages feature standard components derived from templates which make up navigation and control elements to support the page-specific content. Components common to most or all pages are:

The topbar Contains the site name (linking to homepage), user profile and login links, and a standard search box. Four of the action buttons found in the 'page control and options' section (described below) are also replicated here. These provide quick access to allow you to edit the page, see the page history and page tags, and print the page.
Left hand page menus Contain tabbed menus that form the primary navigation standard throughout the site. Menus typically contain lists of links, tag clouds, search boxes, and page creation buttons
Page title The title of the page, usually derived from the page name
Main content The page specific content, located in the main centre section of pages, entered for each page and not derived from the template
Right hand menus Contain tabbed menus that from the secondary tier of navigation common to a specfific section, such as the blog or wiki. Menus typically contain lists of links, summaries of page updates, tag clouds, search boxes, and page creation buttons
Comments Contain threads of user entered feedback commenting on the content of the page
Tags Are linked keywords to help identify and define the page based on the specific page content. Tags can be entered by the author during page creation or by users with appropriate page editing rights
Page controls and options Are located in links towards the base of each page, and provide controls to add page tags, view past changes to and versions of the page, and apply new edits or file attachments to the page. Further 'options' permit edits to page sections, viewing of the page source code, and allow page renaming and deletion.
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