Editing pages

This section contains a guide to help you join and contribute to the site. You can find help with how to understand page construction, how to edit pages, author content, and add your comments and feedback to sections and pages.

It starts by describing the component parts which go together to form a page, such as navigation menus, page controls, comments and tags.

Some of these elements are then defined in more detail along with some background about the concepts and functional aspects of page components and controls.

Next comes information about how pages are arranged into categories, and how these categories help to provide addtional site maintainance and navigation options and controls.

The How to...? section has quite detailed information that should be enough for most users - with details about how to add comments and tags to a page, rank, rename or move pages, and edit or author general or specific category pages.

If you want to understand how to edit and control pages in much finer detail you can find more information in the Wiki syntax.

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